Clinical Treatments

Ultrasonic Facial Treatments are the newest skin resurfacing treatments, which out-perform microdermabrasion. Developed by physicians, these treatments combat aging skin, reduce wrinkles, clear acne, manage rosacea and lighten hyper-pigmentation. This cutting-edge technology uses safe, low frequency, ultrasonic waves on a three stage system: 1.Exfoliation, 2. Nutrient and Vitamin penetration and 3. Healing. The first phase exfoliates up to 50% of your top layer of skin for a clearer, softer and healthier complexion. It also works to reduce pore size by pulling out oils, impurities and blackheads. The second phase increases the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients, such as amino acids and peptides, deeper into the skin. The third phase restores your cells’ natural electrical charge. This electrical charge may be damaged, (due to the sun, aging, smoking and pollution,) in turn, restricting the flow of nutrients into the cells and the elimination of waste from the cell. Dramatic results may be seen after just one treatment, but best results are seen when a series is performed.

Signature Ultrasonic $130 (series of 4 $440)

Rosacea Ultrasonic $150 (series of 4 $500)
This treatment uses products rich in horse chestnut which is known to reduce inflammation and improve the strength of capillary walls.

Advanced Acne Ultrasonic $150 (series of 4 $500)
This treatment uses products rich in Benzoyl and Aloe Vera to help reduce inflammation, decrease irritation and start the healing process.

Age Defying Ultrasonic $190 (series of 4 $640)
The Wrinkle Prescription (Botox Alternative) contains a specialized amino acid and peptide complex that relaxes skin tissue and slows down the muscle contractions that form wrinkles. The Wrinkle Prescription also strengthens the structure of your skin and stimulates collagen production. Studies have concluded that a series of WRX Treatments: Will decrease fine lines and wrinkles up to 68% Increase skin’s firmness up to 74% Boosts skin’s hydration up to 70%.

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